In short, whenever you need to.

That said, most of our regular breathers tend to use BreatheSync at least 3 times a day. In the morning before breakfast to check-in on their WQ, before work to get focussed and after work to unwind, relax and sleep better.

1. Check-in


Knowing when our minds and bodies need rest and when they are in the best condition to face challenges is critical to doing our best work and living our best lives. If your WQ is low (under 60), take it a little easier if you can. If its average (60-90), don’t over do it. If it’s high (over 90), then look for challenges and move outside your comfort zone! Why not get into your morning BreatheSync habit after your alarm goes off or before you eat breakfast?

Session Length: 1–2 mins
Ideal times: 6-8am

2. Focus

We are all overloaded with information, and often overwhelmed with all the work to be done in our lives. A few minutes of BreatheSync can help you regain the clarity you need so you feel calm and centred – ready to focus and pay attention to your work. Why not use your phone to tune in, not out?

Session Length: 2–3 mins
Ideal times: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm

3. Relax


Do you have difficulty switching off after work? You’re not the only one! Lying down on your sofa with your headphones on and BreatheSync in your hand can help you unwind in a matter of minutes. So you’re ready to enjoy your evening in whatever way you enjoy. And then before bed why not breathe a little more so that you recover your energy levels with a good nights sleep, ready to go again the next day.

Session Length: 3–5 mins
Ideal times: 7pm, 10pm, 11pm

When do you like to BreatheSync?

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