Instantly relax mind and body

Reduce stress, increase focus

Track your your WQ (Wellbeing Quotient)

Learn to adjust your breath to match the rhythm of your heartbeat with the Breathe Sync app and feel more relaxed, focused and balanced. The breath and heartbeat are directly connected to your wellness and stress levels. By taking a few minutes each day with Breathe Sync, you can measure your wellbeing and stay in control.

Monitoring your pulse through your finger over the camera lens, Breathe Sync works out the optimum breath cycle to match the rhythm of your heart. This 'biofeedback' has an ongoing beneficial effect on your nervous system, which controls your stress and relaxation responses.

Keeping your finger on the camera and flash, breathe in and out as guided by the pulsing circles. You can do it anywhere. Breathe from your belly through your nose for 1-5 minutes, once or twice a day for the best effects.

For example…

A morning check-in –1 min

Your WQ (Wellbeing Quotient) gives you a guide to how stressed or tired you are.

Getting focussed before an important meeting – 2 mins 

Breathe Sync can help centre and focus the body and mind, reducing stress levels so you are ready to be your best.

Relaxing after work – 3 mins

Lie down, put your headphones on and let Breathe Sync induce a state of deep relaxation.

Relaxing before sleep
Preparing for performing or public speaking
Lowering blood pressure
Daily management of stress

It doesn't matter if you're stressed, nervous or an active person that needs to take some time out, Breathe Sync works in a balancing, responsive way that can quickly prepare you for any situation that requires focus, coherence or calmness.


Christian 'Pokerbeats' Huber, Writer from Germany:

"It's like a spa vacation for body & soul."

EJ (Hatchet + Bear), Craftswoman from UK

“Managed to lower my blood pressure and relax this eve.”

Libby DeLana, Creative Director from USA

“It helps me focus and be me again.”

Nick Tomlinson, Architect from UK

“Helps you use your phone to tune in rather than out.”

Gabrielle Bernstein, Author & Speaker, USA

"This app rules!"

Rik Barwick, Designer from UK

“An incredibly useful tool to inspire mindfulness during the day.”